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About Our Tax Course


About Our Tax Course

About Our Tax Course

Easy Work from Home Tax Course

.    At Taxx Tyme, you can study and complete classwork via the 24/7 convenience of the Internet – which means you can attend class at night after the kids are in bed, in the morning before work, during your lunch hour or at any other time that is convenient for you.  Also what makes it great is that you can use a Home Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or even your Phone.

.    No longer do your studies have to interfere with work or family responsibilities.  Find out first hand About Our Tax Course and remember our program can be completed at your own pace.  Finish in as soon as a couple of weeks if you choose. That means in two months or less you could be earning money as a tax preparer!  Our learning programs feature:

  1. A High degree of interaction
  2. Student-centered learning
  3. Extensive Support Services
  4. Time Flexibility
  5. Quick Feedback
  6. And much more!

… All while covering the same content that is delivered in traditional classroom courses.

Some of the main tax preparation topics covered in the course:

  • Accounting Methods
  • Filing Requirements and Electronic Filing
  • Business and Non-business Income and Deductions
  • Itemized Deductions and Tax Computation Methods
  • Medical Expenses and Charitable Contributions
  • Personal Exemptions and Taxpayers’ Filing Status
  • Gross Income Exclusions And Inclusions
  • Gains or Losses on the Sale or Exchange of Property
  • Basis
  • Capital Gains and Losses
  • Business and Casualty Losses
  • Bad Debts
  • Tax Consequences of the Sale of Taxpayers’ Residence
  • Self-Employment Tax
  • Tax Credits (EIC, Business, Child Credit, Education etc.)
    IRAs and Self Employed Pension Plans
  • Depreciation and Depletion
  • Income Tax Withholding
  • Payroll Taxes (FICA & FUTA)
  • Estimated Tax
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Sale of Taxpayer’s Residence

No previous experience in tax preparation necessary.

.     Although many of our students are accountants, bookkeepers or lawyers, most of the others have had no previous experience in tax preparation at all.  

.     At Taxx Tyme you Learn Fast, get to be more Accurate with your work, and figure out how to gain a Great pay in a brief time. We show you everything there is to think about Income Tax Brackets, Income expense recording, how to file taxes, and for the most part how to do taxes on the web. No more will your studies need to meddle with work or family obligations. Keep in mind that our system can be finished at your own pace. Complete in when a  week in the event that you pick this option. Survey data at whatever point you need with no lapse date. A percentage of the fundamental offering focuses in our course are the High degrees of association, the Student-focused learning, Extensive Support Services, Time Flexibility, and the Quick Feedback.


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About our tax course

About Our Tax Course – The Taxx Tyme 1040 Basic Tax Course is the fastest way to learn online taxes in the shortest time for the 2015 tax season.

About Our Tax Course. About Our Tax Course. About Our Tax Course. About Our Tax Course.  

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