Why choose us for Tax Preparation?

     At Taxx Tyme, we offer you the opportunity to see more of your Income Tax Return back at the lowest price. We offer no hidden fees for income tax preparation. Also we allow you to get your income tax return with in a couple of hours by either: By direct deposit, debit card, Or on a printed check.

Our Company 

We offer you more, get you more, and advise you of new Income tax breaks without you having to ask. We care about you, your needs, and your life. We will take the desired time for you as a person as well as offer you opportunity. We’ve been bringing customers quality since 1999 as Allusion Entertainment and still offer it as Taxx Tyme Tax Preparation Services

Our Competition 

     The Competition will take more and get you back less. The Competition doesn’t care about you as a client, They just care about getting you in and out of there office. The Competition will bad mouth us and other companies just to get your dollar. BEWARE OF THEM!!