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Our Basic Course is the most complete and up-to-date online tax course available!

Earn $100,000 in 3 short mths.     Take our Online Class Today and learn the basics and so much more in income tax preparation.  This highly acclaimed tax course has taught thousands of people how to become successful tax professionals, specialists in preparing individual, and small business tax returns..  Written in an easy, accessible style, this nationally-accredited tax course guides you through Federal Taxation by way of 20 easy-to-master lesson units – now with online access, each requiring approximately eight hours of study. A serious student can finish the course and receive his or her certificate in as few as 8 weeks. And you’ll be studying in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. (If you need more time, the School allows you up to one year.)

Online Taxx Tyme 1040 Basic Tax Course Training

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.     Our regularly updated and revised text clearly explains tax laws and regulations, teaching you exactly how to apply tax law to all actual client situations. This is the only foundation on which you can build a successful tax practice.

             A clearly written, easily understandable step-by-step text that includes hundreds of practical examples, real life illustrations, and sample computations that bring tax preparation vividly to life.  This course has been designed to give the student a clear picture of the over-all tax structure as well as a detailed, in-depth, working knowledge of the various tax laws, regulations and procedures and how they mesh with and affect each other. Of particular assistance in this respect are the “reason why” explanations you will find frequently throughout the text. Even the more difficult tax provisions become much easier to grasp, remember and apply if their underlying reason or history is understood.In fact, the course materials, which are yours to keep, will serve you well throughout your career as a tax professional.
             “Real Life” case studies give you an opportunity to test your skills in preparing actual tax returns for different taxpayers and small business enterprises. These are designed to familiarize you thoroughly with the various tax forms and schedules you will use as a tax preparer.
             Specially formulated tax planning problems will give you “hands-on” practice in devising tax-saving strategies that help you develop your own tax planning expertise.
             For the duration of the course and for up to one year after your graduation, every student is assigned a skilled, experienced instructor, a practicing tax professional who is current on all tax preparation procedures and knowledgeable about the day to day realities of operating a professional tax practice.This personal service is one of the cornerstones of the NTTS course’s effectiveness and popularity.
             Once you graduate from the Tax Tyme Tax Training School Course, you will be given full access to our online, annual Tax Change Bulletins. This privilege will be in effect for up to one year after your graduation. During that same period you will also be able to contact your instructor with any questions that will arise as your tax practice grows, without any additional cost!

Online Taxx Tyme 1040 Basic Tax Course Training

.      Get The skills To Be a Tax Preparation Professional in as little as a couple of weeks. Many people ask us whats in the course; at Taxx Tyme you get fast and accurate training. Our methods make it easy to remember and user friendly when learning tax preparation in the shortest time.  As you complete the course, one of the biggest questions you will ask yourself is ” what now?”  Well maybe you will want to open your own tax office. After completion of our course we don’t just leave you in the wind, we walk you through every step to guarantee you are successful and and have the best chance of surviving in a sea of sharks. From start to finish we teach you everything that you can possibly learn to ensure a possible 100k income in 3 1/2 mths. Please remember that only through hard work and consistent training will this become a reality.   Once you have the knowledge, you’re stuck with the  skill set that will change your future.  Signup today and be amazed by our user friendly program.

.      Also what makes our Tax course great is that you can use a home computer, laptop, tablet, phone or any mobile device.   Login during your free time, save your work, and come back to the same spot you stopped at.  We make it convenient for you to learn at your own pace.   Finish in as soon as a  week if you choose.  Review information whenever and wherever you want  with no expiration date.   Below you will find our course objectives:

  1. Module 1 –  Introduction to Tax Preparation
  2. Module 2 – Filing Status
  3. Module 3 – Dependents
  4. Module 4 – Income
  5. Module 5 – W-2 Wages
  6. Module 6 – Schedule C, Business Income or Loss
  7. Module 7 – How to Prepare Clergy Returns
  8. Module 8 – Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses
  9. Module 9 – Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss
  10. Module 10 – Schedule F, Farm Income
  11. Module 11 – Tax Depreciation
  12. Module 12 – IRA
  13. Module 13 – Exemptions and Standard Deductions
  14. Module 14 – Schedule A, Itemized Deductions
  15. Module 15 – Credits
  16. Module 16 – Child and Dependent Care Credit
  17. Module 17 – Education Credits
  18. Module 18 – Other Taxes
  19. Module 19 – Earned Income Credit
  21. Module 21 – Tips for Reducing Both You and Your Clients Chances of Being Audited
  22. Module 22 – Setting up and getting started ASAP!!

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